How To Train Your Abs So They POP!

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for any length of time, you know that I’m not a friend of the “conventional” – nor do I like ordinary.

I’m sure you’re in the same boat.

So you can imagine I don’t settle for your same boring ab routine of sit-ups and crunches.  In my best ab workout video, I go over some of my favorite ab exercises.

Adding weight to your routine ups the intensity and actually builds muscle.  If your body fat is low enough, your abs will start to POP, and not just lie flat.  Guys, this is where your abs start showing through tight shirts (I love it!).

So if you’re new to this whole concept, this post will introduce you to some great weight training for abs to bring them from ordinary, to extraordinary – without breaking your back (literally).

Try to do a continuous set for 60-90 seconds and if you can make it…120 seconds.  That’s something to work up to.  Not start with. Rest 30-45 seconds between each set.  Perform 3-4 sets per exercise and only choose two exercises for right now if you’re new.  This will be challenging enough!

1. Weighted Ball Crunch

You can do this with a cable or dumbbell.  I prefer the cable because it allows you to get a full crunch in while keeping tension on the muscle.  The only thing is that it’s harder to keep your balance.  If you use a dumbbell, reach for the sky.

[youtube sKv8Ml3cXnM]

2. Incline Oblique Crunch

This is preferred over the standing version because tension is placed on the muscle for the entire exercise.  You can also stretch to get a full range of motion.

This demonstration isn’t the best, but it’s good enough to show you what I mean.

[youtube Xl2naMVI2x4]

3. Cable Rope Crunch (Classic)

This is where I started with my weighted ab trainig.  Just be sure to CURL your torso and get an actual Crunch in, and not just touch your nose to the floor.  A great cue for this exercise is to try and touch your elbows to your knees while keeping your head off the floor.

[youtube gCB7s7Ys8HE]

I like her southern accent.

4. Dumbbell Toe Touches

A very easy beginner exercise and a great way to introduce weight into your routine.  You can use either a plate, dumbbell, or medicine ball for this one.  Be sure to keep your legs straight and like Kanye said…touch the sky!

[youtube 5I4Q134UCcw]

5. Weighted Decline Hip Raises

Use a light medicine ball or dumbbell for this one.  Be sure you have a good grip on the weight!  My coach used to tie the weight to my shoelaces for this one.

This guy isn’t using weight, but once you follow his instructions, it’s the next step. If you can make it past his accent, he’s actually pretty dead on in his instruction!

[youtube ELnrjTPt8js]

So…get off the mat and put your back into it (not really).   To move to the next stage in any area of life, you need to change what you’re doing.  You’ll adapt and improve as you get better.

Stay Ripped,


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