4 Best Ab Exercises To Build Abs That Show Through Shirts

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Here’s a popular question “Mitch, what do you to get abs like that?”

That’s like asking a millionaire, how did you make so much money?

The answer is VERY long winded, because it’s a very general question.  What they usually mean is “which ab exercises did you do to get abs like?

So in today’s post, I’m going to list 4 of the best ab exercises that build “popping” abs.

Before we start, it’s important to know that in order to build strong abdominals, you need to work along the range of motion of the muscle – like any other muscle.

Your abs flex your spine downward – imagine putting your chest in your lap.  That’s it!

So let’s look at the exercises.

1. Decline Sit Up – this is the original I used to really build size on my abs.  Its important to note that you must flex your trunk and THEN pull yourself up.  If you do this wrong, it’ll turn into a regular sit-up which is totally useless because you don’t flex your trunk.  Do this with your hands beside your head first.  Once you can do about 20 in a row, add dumbbells in each hand (avoid putting a plate on your chest because it inhibits the flexing motion.)

2. Hanging Knee Raise – I like these better than leg raises because they allow you to flex your trunk properly.  When hanging, bend your legs and focus on pulling your knees to your elbows.  This one is a toughy to get used to, but works your core like a mother!

3. Cable Crunch – Another staple I used to put size on my abs.  Again, focus on flexing your trunk.  With the cable beside each side of your head, keep your hips locked and focus on touching your elbows to your thighs NOT to the floor.

4. Oblique Twists – Another great one for your obliques.  Take the cable in both hands while keeping your arms straight.  Then twist your body using your obliques.  Feel the burn!

So there you have it.  Check out my video of my best ab workout.

[youtube izE5QYq6gq4]

Leave a comment to let me know which ab exercises you’re doing right now?

Stay Ripped,