5 Great Ab Workouts At Home

One of the biggest questions I get all the time is “Mitchell, what are some great ab workouts I can do at home?”   I realize you don’t always have the time to make it to gym (make time – no excuses) and sometimes you need a quick workout on the go.

So following the components I laid out in the best ab workouts post, you need to follow the same guidelines even when you’re at home.

Here’s a routine that I do when I’m on the go.

Hanging Knee Raise – from a door

Open a door, raise your hands above your head and face your palms backward.  Hang from the door and pull your knees into your chest while making sure you hips curl away from the door (they should NOT be touching the door).

Oblique Crunches

Lay on your side.  Touch your hands to your temples and slightly bend your legs.  Twist your torso slightly so that it’s facing up and do a crunch trying to touch your elbows to your hips.

V Ups

Lay flat on your back.  Simultaneously raise your legs up (keeping them straight) while brining your torso off the ground.  Your body should look like a V with your hips being the only thing on the ground as you touch your ankles with your hands.

Russian Twists

You can grab a book to do this.  Lay flat on your back and pull your body up in the same V shape as before but bend your knees so that you feet are off the ground.  Now take the book and twist side to side while touching the book to the ground on each side.

Dual Crunches

Similar to the V UP, just not as challenging.  Start in semi-V position with only your hip touching the ground.  You may need to put your hands down to balance yourself out.  Pull your knees into your chest as you “crunch” your torso down.

The Workout

Perform each of these exercises 12-15 reps and only rest 15 seconds between each exercise.   Go through the entire circuit twice. Once you’re able to do 15 reps for each exercise in two circuits, add another circuit.

So yes, you can get a great ab workout a home – if you follow the right principles.

Stay Ripped,


P.S.  Let me know your best ab routine at home in the comment section.