The Best Lower Ab Workouts

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Ahhh, those stubborn lower abs.  They never seem to pop their heads out until the last minute like a Ground Hog.

So just how do we coerce them out with effective lower ab workouts?

As always, I’m going to give you some great workouts as well as some tips you hadn’t thought of.

It’s crucial that you understand that your “lower abs” aren’t a separate muscle.  Your Rectus Abominis (your abs) is one muscle that has six sections divided by a tendon that give them the six pack look.

(see diagram)

With that being said, the entire muscle contracts when you do an ab exercise (if it’s done right) but you can put more tension on different parts of the muscle depending on the angle you train it. (Think incline barbell press vs. flat barbell press)

But, I have a bit of bad news.  You can do ALL the lower ab workouts you want, but if you still have fat there, they’re gonna hide like a girl on a bad hair day.

Your body fat needs to be LOW for most guys to have a prayer of seeing them…and I mean 8% or 9% (yes, lower than 10%), because this is the FIRST place fat deposits for guys and is the LAST place fat leaves.

And depending on your genetics, you may not even have them (Arnold could only get a “4 pack”) – but that’s not most guys.

So first thing’s first…get that body fat LOW.

But even with a low body fat, the muscle still needs to be developed to see your lower abs.  So that’s where the workouts come in.

You should know by now that my theme with abs training is:

1. Weighted exercise

2. Effective exercise

Bringing your hips UP to your chest is the angle that puts the most tension on the lower abs.  However, your trunk still has to Curl, otherwise you’re just doing a hip flexor exercise (useless for abs – just like sit ups).

So let’s look at the best lower ab workouts.

Easiest- Seated Hip Raise

[youtube i8ymue3S3jI]

Medium – Incline Hip Raise

[youtube Y0Vwdaohdic]

Hardest – Hanging Knee Raise

[youtube jJYPsEDVYnE]

So there’s one for every difficulty level.  Just make sure you’re getting a good trunk curl and not just being lame and using your legs.

Leave a comment below and tell me which one you’ll try next time in the gym.

Stay Ripped,