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A great list of muscle building exercises for maximum muscle gain.

How To Build Chest Muscles – 3 Mistakes And 3 Solutions

Please hit the Google + button ^^ and Facebook Like button ^^ above. Thanks! Let’s face it, most guys want a huge chest.  I know I do and I’m sure you do too.  I did push-ups for set after set as a kid because even then I knew a big chest was greatly desired. Knowing…

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Body Building Tips At Home

This is a great video for body building tips at home that are done in a circuit. The workouts include: Bodyweight  Squats Side Lunges Inverted Push Ups Push Ups Close Grip Push Ups Bicep Curls Crunches This should help you out if you don’t have access to a gym bu still want to get in…

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Leg Exercises For Tree Trunk Legs

Many people neglect their legs, but I often encourage people to work them for 3 reasons. 1. You can gain a lot of weight quickly because your leg muscles make up half your body. 2. You can increase your hormonal output because you damage such large muscles. 3. You can increase your body fat burn…

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How To Improve Your Flexibility And Why – Lifters

Flexibility has long been treated like the ugly girlfriend no one wants to talk about.  She’s always there, but you wish she wasn’t.  Well flexibility can be more beneficial to you than an ugly girlfriend when it comes to your lifting.  I’ve “always” been flexible, and I say always because I began stretching when I…

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Bodyweight Exercises For Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving coming up, I began to worry about all the eating, and going home being away from my gym.  I asked myself, “how am I not going to gain tons of fat from all the turkey and dressing, and keep up my workout regimen without a gym?” If you’re a true lifter, you know…

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