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Muscle building programs are essential to your growth. Anyone who ever made any serious progress in their training, had a program to follow. I review some of the best muscle building programs on the internet, so you can decide which is best for you.

How To Build Muscle Mass Quickly

If you’re a skinny guy like me (or like I was), all you want to do is to get bigger.  You don’t want to get fat, so you want to Build Muscle Mass Quickly. This as you may know is harder than it looks.  People always stressing about how to lose weight, when trying to…

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Principles of Succes Learned From Bodybuilding Pt. 2

In continuation of the Part 1, I’m going to lay out 5 more success principles that you can use in life, and in the gym. Principle #6 – Resting Here’s the ever popular pit that most lifters run into.   The first thing someone asks when they see my muscles is “How often do you train?”…

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Muscle Building Foods On A Budget

Nutrition is THE most important thing you need when building muscle.  It’s the foundation upon which your muscle building program is built on. I’ve faced this problem since the start.  Eating “clean” isn’t cheap and takes a good eye to find deals. I found this great article that I’m going to implement right away! Hope…

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5 Fabolous Fat Burning Foods

When it comes to “cutting”, losing weight, or burning fat, your biggest ally or biggest enemy is your diet. To build muscle, you need to eat certain things, just as you need to eat certain things to burn fat. When I tell people “I can’t eat that because it’s not apart of my diet”, they…

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Alcohol vs. The Muscle Builder

Alcohol is one of those things that has long been a nemesis to muscle builders around the world. We’ve all heard of the infamous “beer belly” and have seen what it does to people. Ironically, people work so hard to get rid of that fat and get a six pack when it was a “six…

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