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All the six pack diet tips and tricks you need to get lean and stay lean – without the hassle.

How To Overcome Your Weakest Link – Pt.2

People always complain that losing fat is the hardest thing possible.  They’ll give you every excuse under the sun why they can’t do it. The thing that urks me the most (it’s like nails on a chalkboard) is to hear a guy lean back and say “yeah, I’m working on getting rid of this gut,…

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4 Sneaky Tricks To Boost Your Metabolism Immediately

I realized something this week as I’ve been on my “cutting” journey.  I’ve been experimenting with different meal timings to best keep my muscle while cutting and burn the most fat. A few days ago, after an upset stomach, I decided to switch my first meal to after my morning weight training session.  I just…

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4 Forbidden Foods For Rock Hard Abs

I’m on a very strict diet to get my body to the unnatural state of 4% body fat.  Most people, even most fitness models don’t walk around all year at 4% – nor should they. The rules change when you want to get sub 6 and sub 5, but we’re not talking extreme here.  You…

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3 Weeks Out – Show Update

[youtube ekK_mW-zLFE] It’s one thing to get a six pack.  It’s a TOTALLY different thing to get Ripped.  That’s where I’m at right now. In this video, I go over a few things on what I’m doing to get ready for my first fitness show in a three weeks. Everything from overcoming a sprained ankle,…

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How To Burn Fat While Eating Domino’s Pizza

I’m kinda famous for saying, “you can have your cake and six pack too” because it’s true (unless you’re preparing for a contest, but that’s another blog post). So here’s the dilemma… You want to lose fat and get a six pack, but you don’t want to sacrifice Sunday football with the boys.  So you…

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