How To Burn Fat While Eating Domino’s Pizza

I’m kinda famous for saying, “you can have your cake and six pack too” because it’s true (unless you’re preparing for a contest, but that’s another blog post).

So here’s the dilemma…

You want to lose fat and get a six pack, but you don’t want to sacrifice Sunday football with the boys.  So you show up to your friend’s house to watch the game and what did they order?  Pizza and wings…

You cringe as you look at the food on the table for two reasons.

  1. You’re on a “diet”
  2. You REALLY want some pizza

Ok, let me explain to you how you can have it all.

Fat loss is more than just calories in vs. calories out.  Most of the battle is fought on the hormonal front.  Meaning, if your hormones are off, it doesn’t matter what you eat (or don’t eat), that fat isn’t going anywhere.

A funny thing happens when you burn more calories than you take in.  If your hormones aren’t in line, your body will fight against you to hold on to the fat.  You’ve been there before…you know how that story ends.

Turns out, there’s a major hormone called Leptin.  This little sucker communicates your nutritional status to your brain.  When you go on a “diet”, leptin levels fall which tells your body you are starving.  Then your brain sends off an army of hormones to store the fat…not exactly what you’re looking for.

The trick is to keep your leptin levels high and basically “fool” your brain and body into thinking that everything is OK, even when you’re eating less.

Think of leptin as the judge, jury, and executioner.  If leptin is bribed the right way, it’ll “execute” fat all day long.  But when leptin isn’t happy, fat gets let back out on the streets (your midsection).

That’s where the pizza comes in.  Pizza is that bribe to make the judge look the other way.

Cheat Days

The idea of a cheat day has been common “fat loss lore” for quite some time.  Here’s why.  As I said, before, when you eat less, your leptin levels fall over the week.

Eating a surplus of food (especially carbs like pizza) will raise your leptin levels back to normal levels and allow you to keep burning fat.

It’s a wonderful thing because I love Ribs and chocolate chip cookies (yes, together is fine with me).

So back to the football story… with a twist.

This time you show up to your friend’s house to watch the game.  Sitting right there on the table in front of the TV are several boxes of pizza and wings.  No one is in the room yet and without thinking, you grab a slice (or two).

Your friend comes around the corner and says “Dude, I thought you were trying to get a six pack”.  You just smile back with a mouth full of cheese/pepperoni/sausage (insert your favorite topping)….

Because you know a little secret he doesn’t.  You know how to burn fat even when you’re pigging out.  And you know that by eating this pizza, it’ll actually bring you one step closer to your six pack.

The Protocol

This is very simple.  Restrict your food intake for six days and pig out with the boys on Sunday.  You’ll get a six pack while they keep their beer bellies.

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