How I’m Going To Own 2012 – Goals

Another year is upon us.  Being nearly two weeks into the New Year, have you noticed a change in your behavior and outcomes?  Or are you still experiencing the same things as before?

In a concerted effort to chance, every year, I like to do a “goal post”.  I do this for a few reasons…

1. It keeps me accountable because I’ve put myself “out there”.

Accountability is a huge motivator when you’re trying to achieve others.  Don’t be afraid to tell others what (and how) you plan to accomplish something.

2. Writing it down brings it to life

There’s a saying that “the shortest pen is better than the longest memory”.   By writing your goals down, you won’t forget them, but you also have made an idea into reality (at least on paper – or on screen) which brings it out of your head and into the real world.

3. To inspire you

I know many people don’t set goals.  And very few are as methodical about them as I am.  That’s fine.  But my hope is that by seeing what I aspire to do this year, that you will be inspired to do something great in your life as well.

Too many people live “small” in life.  As Vince Del Monte says – it’s time to “live large”.

So without further adieu, here are my 2012 goals!  I’ve listed them in categories of priority in my life.


-Enroll in seminary (June)

-One week wilderness sabbatical (June)

-Begin online ministry site (April)

-Continue working on relationship with Christ (ongoing)


-Visit family for Easter (April 8)

-Mentor someone (February)

-Send birthday cards to all family members (ongoing)


-Read 4 books a month (1 Christian, 1 Business, 1 Health, 1 Fiction/Life/Philosophy)


-WBFF Pro Card (April 14th)

-Enroll in martial arts again (May)

-Break 160 lb with my six pack (on going)


-20% Give, 20% Invest, 60% Live on <– notice the order they are in

-Eliminate credit card and medical debt (Sept)

-ACSM Certification (March)

-Increase income by 30% (ongoing)

-Launch Six Pack Underground membership site (February)

The order is very important to me.  The categories you see are the focal points in my life with my Spiritual component being the hub that all the other spokes revolve around – or the lens through which I view all the other categories through.

I’ve only set a few goals per category and they are roughly broken up into quarters of the year so I don’t get overwhelmed.

Finally, notice that I’ve put a month or date out beside each goal.  A goal without a deadline is just a wish!

Leave a comment below with a few of your goals.  Let’s hold each other accountable this year!

Stay Ripped,